Football Coach From Hell: Who Loves A Quitter?

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Age 16, USA

Hey y’all. My football coach is a nightmare. He is constantly bullying and berating members of our team, but he’s particularly awful to two guys who are heavy and slow. He calls one Molasses and the other Potato. Our coach will say things like, “What? You got shit for brains?” Or “Your girlfriend hits harder than you. Maybe she’s the one with the dick.” And much worse. Most of the guys on the team laugh, and they join in on the bullying. I don’t. But I haven’t tried to stop it, either.

One time Molasses stood up to Coach, but that landed him on his ass multiple times because we had to practice tackle techniques on him. That was just the beginning. We all got punished for “disrespecting an adult” and had to do 100 extra pushups and run another 10 laps.

My dad says to suck it up. We’re champions and champions need to be tough.

I wish I could quit. I might quit. But my dad has always said you have to finish what you start. No one loves a quitter.

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