A Choice of the Heart

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Age 18, Wyoming, USA

Dear F,
I wish that I could tell you I tried. That I made an honest effort to keep you in my life. That I fought for you the whole way through, but it sickens me to admit, I did not.
See it was too difficult for either of you to understand that I loved you both. That I did not want to imagine my life without the other. And when it came down to choosing my heart tore in two.
F, I hope you can forgive me for choosing him. I hope you can forgive me for putting him over our friendship. I hope that you can forgive me that I don’t regret my decision because he has been the best thing in my life.

You told me that if he and I failed, not to come back. And I understand and will respect that. But F, I need you to forgive that I miss you. That there are holes in me he will never be able to fill. I think about you constantly, and it’s killing me. I hope that you’ll forgive me when I say I never want to see you again because I know if I do, it’ll break my heart…. again.

I loved you F, But I hope you can forgive me for choosing not to anymore.


What did you learn?

The hardest decisions are often the best, even if they hurt us.


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