Dad Versus Mom—Thanksgiving Guilt

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Age 15, Indiana, USA

Mom, I know you’re upset that I spent Thanksgiving with Dad. But I really wanted to see my cousins and Gran and Gramps.

I’m sorry you felt I abandoned you.
I’m sorry you spent your Thanksgiving watching TV and eating crappy food.
I’m sorry you think I love Dad more than you.

I love you both. Dad misses me too. And I have a right to be with him. I wish you didn’t make me feel guilty about it.

I’m sorry I yelled at you and told you to get a life.
Kind of.

I’m tired of feeling guilty for doing things that make me happy.
I’m going off to college next year. I hope you forgive me for saying this, but I want to have my own life without having to always be the center of yours.
I love you, Mom. But please don’t put your misery on me.

What did you learn?

Sometimes loving a person isn’t enough for them. They’ll want all of you all the time and it’s not possible. I have to live my life for myself and not for someone else. I can’t be responsible for someone else’s happiness.

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