The Things I Said To Hurt You

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Age 14, Wyoming, USA

Dear Mom,
It’s taken me a long time to get over the fact that you screwed over not only your own life, but also your children’s lives. You left us because he screwed you over. I thought you didn’t love me or my sister.

I told you I didn’t want to speak to you anymore. That your calls hurt me. That I didn’t love you, that I couldn’t love an addict mother who couldn’t enjoy your children’s birthdays because you just wanted to get high.

And I’m sorry. As if sorry could ever stop the hurt I caused you. As if two little words could ever take back all I’ve done and said to you. I know you’re trying to get better and don’t have control anymore. I love you. I hope you forgive me.

What did you learn?

I learned that I need to breathe and get over myself.

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