Worth-less, No More!

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Age 15, Georgia, USA

This is a story of the worst year of my life.

At age 15, I had been through so much that my depression has taken a toll on me. I did a lot of self harming and ended up attempting suicide. I had my mind locked on the thought that nobody wanted me to be around or wanted to be my friend, so I stopped trying. I was given antidepressants.

One day, like every day, I got in the shower and starting cutting myself on my wrist, my stomach, my thigh, etc. It didn’t matter anymore. It stopped working, so I just got out the shower. It was time for me to take my meds, but instead I just stood there and looked at the bottle like everything had vanished but me and this bottle.

After everybody at my house fell asleep, I stayed awake and collected my bottle of antidepressants and took over 200 mg. I started getting dizzy after an hour or so I passed out. When I woke up the next day for school, I couldn’t walk without almost falling over and everything was blurry. I got to the bathroom fast enough, and threw it all up. If I hadn’t, I probably wouldn’t be able to tell this story. That was the first time I attempted but not the last…
What did you learn?
Never use a permanent solution for temporary pain. It’ll just hurt everybody else around you.

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