I Wanted To Live Your Life

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Age 15, New York, New York, USA

I hope you forgive me.
9th grade.
I made you feel small because I felt small. When I called you weird, I was starving myself. When I told you your hair was too curly, I was cutting myself. Truth be told I was envious, and now I just want forgiveness.

Not sympathy because the words I spoke to you left an impression that you might not ever be able to forget. But I was suffering the same consequence. While I belittled you and tried to destroy your life, you always seemed to have it together and I knew I didn’t. I knew when I got home it would be more screaming and yelling so I decided to take it out on you. I decided if I was miserable, you’d be too.

Instead I made myself even more miserable. You grew into your prime—beautiful and flawless, unharmed by my words. You were the princess of your story, and I was a side note. After all Heroes Always Win.

What did you learn?

Bullying someone doesn’t make you feel better.

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