The War I Won

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Age now 17, Pennsylvania, USA

To the me I was at 15, I forgive you.

I forgive you for hating yourself.
I forgive you for punishing yourself for the violent sexual acts that were done to you that weren’t your fault.
I forgive you for blaming yourself over your father’s suicide.
I forgive you for ripping your skin to shreds.
I forgive you for destroying yourself.
I forgive you for not letting anyone close enough to love you.

To the me I was back then, I’m happy to see you’re doing better.
I’m happy to see you can look in the mirror again without feeling hatred toward yourself.
I’m proud of how far you’ve come.
I’m happy you finally found a reason to smile.
Most importantly, I’m happy you ripped up that suicide note and threw it away.
I’m glad you found God and his loving spirit.
I’m proud you’re two years clean now.
I’m proud you use your story to help those who are now struggling.
I’m happy you can see living to the next day again.
To the me I am now, I’m glad you no longer view your scars as ugly.
They’re physical reminders of the war you went through in your mind and how by the grace of God you’ve won.

IHYFM’s response:
I Hope You Forgive Me

Dear “The War I Won,”
Thank you for sharing this story of hope and healing! YOU. ARE. BEAUTIFUL!

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