The Boy With Blue Eyes

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Age 16, USA

A letter to the boy with the blue eyes,

The first time I saw you I was taken in by your shining, beautiful eyes. I was hooked on you immediately, but also scared to trust you because so many people had left me behind so many times.

But I decided to let you hold me and console me. I let you into the deepest parts of my mind and I showed you every single scar I had inflicted on myself.

I thought you cared enough not to leave me because your vibrant blue eyes told me that you could be trusted. I should have listened to my mind and left you from the start. But I didn’t.

Instead, you left me.

Who leaves a girl crying on her front step after telling them that they don’t feel the same anymore?

I walked inside and collapsed on the ground because I loved you. But I also knew you didn’t feel the same. You broke my heart and I can’t trust anyone ever again. Thank you for showing me how to love, but I hate you for what you’ve made me become.


I Hope You Forgive Me

Dear “The Boy With Blue Eyes,”

Thank you for sharing. Heartbreak, especially when it’s repeated over and over again, can be a lot to cope with. We’re so sorry that you’ve had so many people leave you.

Without a doubt, you’re not to blame for a lot of that. But when it comes down to teen guys and girls, it’s a lot to expect for anyone to carry our burdens or to expect that they’re going to make us happy. Sometimes, it’s too much. BUT…

You can do something about it. Trust yourself. Take ownership of your happiness. Instead of looking at what everyone is doing to you and how they’re hurt you, take control over your life by becoming the type of person you really want to be. You need someone strong and supportive in your life? Become that person for YOU! Need someone to be loving and trustworthy? Become that person for YOU! Become that person that you need.

No, it’s not easy. But here are some suggestions:
1. Ask yourself and write down the type of person you need in your life.
2. What kind of qualities does that person need to possess? If it’s trust, that means that person will stick with you. Then ask yourself if you do that for yourself. Can you count on yourself? If you need someone loving, ask yourself, am I loving toward myself?? To my friends? Think about all of what you want and see if you are that person. Because being that person, you can control.

We hope you’ll forgive this guy for not knowing how to handle everything. Even though he broke up with you, at least he didn’t do it on Facebook or by text. You get to decide to either move on and be forgiving or hold a grudge and be miserable – there are stories about this…scroll down! We hope you’ll also forgive yourself for believing that you’ll never be able to trust anyone again. Trust is something a person earns. Earn your own trust! You deserve it!!!


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